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This site will give you practice doing “Extensive Reading.”  Here you can read interesting books that are easy for you to understand. Try to find a book that has very few words on a page that you do not know.  You can use the “5-finger rule” to find a suitable book.  If there are too many unknown words on each page, then you will not be able to read the story quickly and enjoy it.

When you are reading, don’t worry about words that you don’t know. You can skip them unless you think that you need to know the meaning in order to understand the story.

Try to read quickly! Reading speed is important, especially if you will have much to read in your job, or want to be able to finish reading everything in an examination. (Many people fail because they cannot finish everything by the time limit.)

When you are finished, you can go back to review the places that were difficult for you, and then read the story again! You will discover things that you did not find the first time you read it!

The difficulty levels follow the CEFR scale: A1→A2→B1→B2→C1→C2

Books that have this mark, M, have quizzes on But this site is only for use by classes of English students, not for individuals.

You can also try reading the reading material in It is also free but has shorter readings rather than full-length books. Students can be registered and their reading (and listening) activity and results recorded for assessment purposes.

Note: The books here are available free for anyone who wants to read them. You can copy them for other students to read but you must not offer them for sale.


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