Rong-Chang Intermediate

These sets of readings are from Dr. Ron Lee’s site  These are the “intermediate level” readings.  Another tab on this site displays the “Elementary” readings. The contents are based on U.S. culture.

Speak English Fast — 500 conversations on 26 topics with audio for you to practice speaking

English Conversations — More than 1,500 conversations on 25 topics + audio

English for New USA Immigrants — What new immigrants need to know in the United States

American Culture and Customs — Excellent free ESL online reading materials

A Young Couple’s Life in the USA — A novel written for English learners to read and enjoy

English for Intermediate Learners (1) — 265 short stories + audio & exercises

English for Intermediate Learners (2) — 100 short stories + audio & exercises

America Is Great — 100 essays for ESL students to practice reading and learn about America

This Is America — Over 100 mini-novels for English learners to understand current American life

The 100 American People — Short essays on 100 well-known Americans

Grammar Exercises — 112 sets of high-quality grammar exercises on 17 grammar forms

Sentence Structure Writing Practice — 32 sets of exercises on 15 grammar forms

Online Dictation Exercises — 100 dictation exercises to practice writing 1,000 sentences

Pronunciation Exercises — Exercises created by Michael Climo to correct ESL students’ pronunciation



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