Free Graded Readers (A1)

There are two kinds of readers available here. 1) The readers that are now out of copyright. They are available free for anyone who wants to read them. They can be distributed free but must not be offered for sale. 2) Books that are kindly offered by publishers, usually in “Flipbook” form. These must be read on the publisher’s site using the link provided here. The M symbol indicates that a quiz is available for this book on the ERF’s website.


Fire on the Mountain is the story of a boy called Sugeng. He lives on the island of Java. But one night the fire on the mountain near his home changes his life. He loses his home and his family. He goes to town and makes some new friends. Many new and strange things happen to him before he finds his family again.
Fire on the Mountain
Authors: Gerry Meister & Paul Nation
500 Word Level, CEFR A1, MReader rl[2], 2300 words M

A story of a romance between Joni and Widi. She is shy but likes to sing, but her singing sometimes gets her into trouble. How can Joni help her realize what is really important in life?
Indonesian Love Story
Authors: Gerry Meister & Paul Nation
1000 Word Level, CEFR A1+, MReader rl[3], 9700 words M


Jane calls her friends Nancy in London. But who answers the phone? A strange voice with a terrifying message!
Is Nancy dead? Why can nobody find her?
This is a mystery story where nothing is simple . . . or where everything is simple, except the question ‘who was Nancy?’
See how complicated life was before the invention of the mobile phone!
Who Was Nancy?
Author: John McRae
600 Word Level, CEFR A1+, MReader rl[3], 7000 words M


Everybody loves Christmas. Or do they? Not Lauren Parker! She hates Christmas and thinks it is silly.
But something happens to make her change her mind.
In this Christmas story for the 1990s, you will find all the favourite themes — the bad boss, the poor unwanted child, the past and the future, love and tears … and, of course, the happy ending.
Christmas Angel
Author: Delia Chiaro
600 Word Level, CEFR A1+, MReader rl[3], 3990 words M


Trisha and her dog are very beautiful — almost perfect. Trisha is rich and famous and Octavia is her dog.
There is only one problem — Den. Trisha doesn’t like him. And he has a horrible dog, too!
In a romantic story of today, Trisha’s problems seem to have no solution. But love will always find a way…
Just Like Trisha
Author: Delia Chiaro
600 Word Level, CEFR A1+, MReader rl[3], 4000 words M

Flipbooks from ELI Click the link to go to the ELI site.

Granny Fixit and the Ball PB3 and Coco the Clown Uncle Jack and the Bakonzi Tree The Hare and the Tortoise
Stage 1 (100 headwords) below A1 Stage 2 (200 headwords) A1 Starters/Movers Stage 3 (300 headwords) A1.1 Movers Stage 2 (200 headwords) A1 Starters/Movers
MReader rl[0], 559 words M MReader rl[1], 990 words M MReader rl[1], 860 words M MReader rl[1], 945 words M
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Botchan A Study in Scarlet
Stage 1 (600 headwords) A1 Movers Stage 1 (600 headwords) A1 Stage 1 (600 headwords) A1 Stage 1 (600 headwords) A1
MReader rl[4], 5053 words M MReader rl[2], 4750 words M MReader rl[1], 9450 wordsM  



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