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Here is a listing of books available on other copyright-free websites for you to enjoy.
The levels are described like this:
Beg – Beginners
Elem – Elementary
Pre – Pre-Intermediate
Int – Intermediate
Up – Upper Intermediate
Adv – Advanced
(K) – Kindle-compatible version

The links in this section all come from http://aj3000.com/wp/free-graded-readers/

Sherlock Holmes

Silver Blaze [Pre/4000]
Identity [Pre/3800]
Empty House [Pre/4100]
Five Orange Pips [Int/4200]

Otakar Batlicka — Short Stories

The Storm [Pre/900]
Alina in Hospital [Pre/900]
Live River [Int/1400] (K)
Great Magic [Int/1100] (K)
Certain Bet [Pre/900] (K)

H.G. Wells

The Flowering of the Strange Orchid [Int/2100]
The Empire of the Ants [Up/2800]

Edgar Wallace — Detective Stories

The Poetical Policeman [Int/3500]
The Treasure Hunt [Int/4000]

Kate Chopin

The Story of an Hour [/1014] “The Story of an Hour” really focuses on women’s search to find their own identities within themselves.(Wikipedia)
The Locket [Int/1194]

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