Covid-19 Publisher Offers

December 2020 only!

From Dorothy Zemach (Publisher of Wayzgoose Press) from Facebook
Hi people who like extensive reading,
I made one of the stories that I adapted free for the month of December (ebook only), “The Gift of the Magi,” by O. Henry. It has a Christmas theme, was the reason.
B2 level, but at the upper end–some C1 words in it. There are discussion questions before and after, and some light vocabulary help, but the main intention is reading for pleasure.
This link will take you to the book’s page on my site, and from there you can click to whatever ebook retailer you normally use. Note that SOMETIMES Amazon shifts a price on me, so if you go to the Amazon store in your country and it’s not free for some reason, please let me know and I will make them fix it.
Feel free to use it yourself, recommend it to students, whatever you like. It will go back up to regular price in January.

The following publishers are offering access to some of their online readers for a limited period of time.

Publisher Number URL Type Access
ABDO Press** Lots! URL Flipbook / +Audio Only Anyone
ELI 15 URL Flipbook & Audio Anyone
I Talk You Talk 1 URL PDF Teacher selects one
I Talk You Talk – FAST 500 short stories 25+ URL HTML Anyone
Real Reads 4 URL Flipbook & Audio Student

Checking your students’ reading when they are reading at home — Virtually all of the ‘graded readers’ that are being offered have quizzes on (In all we have 7500+ quizzes). Free free to apply for your school. See for more information.

Using a Google Spreadsheet — Tom Robb has prepared a Google spreadsheet that you can copy, paste in the names of your students and click a button to make a separate tab for each student to enter what they have read (not just books, online material as well) and provide feedback. The top “Master” page shows you the totals for each student. The spreadsheet is here:

See this link for a quick tutorial:
Note that you will need a Google account, and during the setup process, you need to agree to access a non-secure page. This is because the code that creates the pages has not yet been registered with Google.
Check back for updates!

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